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Emanuel Synagogue's Rabbi is Abby Jacobson, who joined us in 2009.

photo of Rabbi Abby JacobsonAbby was born on a cattle ranch in central Florida, outside a small town called Davenport. At the last census, Davenport boasted 1,200 people and more than 8,000 head of cattle. She and her family belonged to the only synagogue in the county, which was more than an hour's drive away; many of the synagogue's families are involved in agriculture. This synagogue is Conservative, and its only paid employees are still the caretaker, the secretary, and the rabbi.

Abby's family moved to Richmond, Virginia, when she was in high school, and she attended the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. After graduating with a degree in International Affairs, never having left the East Coast, she got a passport and moved to Jerusalem to attend the Conservative Yeshiva. There, she devoted two years to learning Jewish texts – not for a degree, but for the pure joy of Jewish learning. She was also fortunate enough to meet her husband, Juan Mejía, on the first day of Talmud class.

By then, Abby had decided to become a rabbi. Her early experiences with a small Jewish community convinced her of the importance of serving small communities, bringing Torah and Jewish tradition to the Jewish world outside the major metropolitan areas. Both Abby and her husband, Juan, were ordained from the Jewish Theological Seminary in May 2009. Juan runs an online Jewish learning center, teaching classes in both Spanish and English, translating Jewish resources into Spanish, and helping people with Crypto-Jewish heritage to return to Judaism if they wish. Abby is proud to be a member of the Emanuel Synagogue family.


The Rabbi wants to meet with you!

Please call (405) 528-2113, ext. 302, to arrange a time to chat.

If you need to contact the Rabbi for any reason, you can also reach her on her cell phone at (405)-824-9047, or you can e-mail her at


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