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The kitchen is the heart and soul of the synagogue. (It's no accident that even the most ancient Jewish synagogues found by archaeologists have had kitchens attached.)

photo of kitchen  Emanuel's kitchen is commercial class, full size and very well equipped. It is also fully kosher, with completely separate areas, equipment, and utensils for meat and dairy. Kashrut standards, as interpreted by our rabbi, are carefully maintained by our wonderful kitchen manager, Rita Pack. She supervises all food and food preparation for the synagogue and serves as our onsite Mashgiach.

Our kitchen is so important to the life of our community that practically the only times when it isn't in use are the few special days when fasting is prescribed.

The kitchen area is the center where members of our congregation come together to enjoy each other's company while they prepare and serve food for the many activities of the synagogue. At any given time, you're likely to find people there working together on food or decorations or favors for, say, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or a picnic, or an oneg, or a Sisterhood luncheon... the list is endless.

Members of Emanuel's Sisterhood generally manage the synagogue's larger catering projects, 2 women in kitchen  such as the annual Passover Seder and the annual Kiddush Dinner (a fundraiser that usually feeds about 125 people). Another successful annual fundraiser is their Challah-making project, in which challot are made for the entire community for the High Holy days. Sisterhood members usually make over 250 beautiful breads for this project every year.

The Sisterhood is in charge of supervising all kitchen operations, and they are the people to see if you want to sponsor an event where food will be provided. You can make arrangements to bring in your friends and do your own catering, or you can "hire" members of the Sisterhood to cater it for you (proceeds from this go to help the synagogue). In special circumstances, outside caterers can be brought in who cook their food at the synagogue under Rita Pack's supervision.

If you'd like to schedule use of the kitchen facilities for an event, or would like help with catering, contact the Sisterhood's Kitchen Chairman (if you need help finding her, ask the synagogue office).


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