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  Inter-congregational Sunday School
(ICSS logo) The Inter-congregational Sunday School (ICSS) and Confirmation Academy are the combined religious education programs of Emanuel Synagogue and Temple B'nai Israel, Oklahoma City's Reform congregation. These two programs, like our series of jointly sponsored Jewish youth groups, operate under the able leadership of our Youth Director, Gary Opper.

The ICSS, comprising pre-kindergarten through 8th grade, and Confirmation Academy, comprising grades 9 through 11, are among a select few Jewish educational institutions in America that allow children from both Conservative and Reform backgrounds to study together and to learn about shared beliefs, customs, and history while respecting the distinctions between the movements.

The curriculum is designed to enable a student to gain both appreciation of and knowledge about Judaism. It is flexible enough to allow each teacher to use his or her own individual skills and strengths to meet the needs of the students. Each grade emphasizes certain facets of our faith and culture, whether it is Jewish Identity in 1st grade, American Jewish History in 7th grade, or studying Prophets and Writings in 10th grade. A portion of each Sunday morning at ICSS is devoted to art or music classes, other avenues of learning about our rich heritage.

Confirmation Academy meets separately from ICSS on Wednesday evenings. Both rabbis teach classes to 9th and 10th graders before focusing on preparing those 11th grade students from their individual congregations for separate Confirmation ceremonies held in the spring. Students in Confirmation Academy have the opportunity to choose from a variety of class offerings in the second hour of each Wednesday session. These classes range from Hebrew for travelers to Jewish current events, and from Jewish mysticism to a history of Jewish humor.

(photo of happy children in Purim costumes)

Youth Director Gary Opper and young ICSS students celebrate Purim in Emanuel's sanctuary.
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The Inter-congregational Sunday School and Confirmation Academy are committed to providing each student the best possible Jewish education, helping to fulfill the obligation that each generation of Jews owes to the next. We invite your participation.

To learn more about the ICSS curricula, including general developmental levels, course descriptions, and the texts and resources used, click the links below:

Curriculum, Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Curriculum, Confirmation Academy (Grades 9 – 11)


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