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Donations to Emanuel Synagogue are gratefully accepted. Our membership dues cover only the minimum annual expenses, not the full costs of running a synagogue. Additional contributions are always needed to help keep our activities going.

Donations of money can be by either check or credit card. Donations can also be made in other forms such as property or securities (like appreciated stocks). All are of course tax deductible. To donate any time, in any amount, contact the synagogue office.

Donations to synagogue programs can be a meaningful way to congratulate friends on simchahs or show you care in time of sorrow. When you make a gift for some special purpose such as honoring a happy occasion, offering appreciation or good wishes, or remembering a deceased friend or relative, a card is sent to the recipient family and your gift is acknowledged in synagogue publications such as the monthly Bulletin.

When you donate, you may designate that your gift go to the synagogue's general fund or to one of the other existing named funds (listed below). Or you may choose some other expression such as buying the flowers for a service or sponsoring some particular event like an oneg, kiddush, concert, or the like. You could even establish your own named fund!

Here is an alphabetical list of Emanuel Synagogue's current established funds and a short description of the purpose of each:
(photo of music lesson)
An Israeli exchange student teaches a music lesson - one of many programs supported by members' donations

  (bullet)   Cemetery Fund -- This fund maintains the cemetery, provides plots and funerals for those who cannot afford them, and sends members of the Chevrah Kaddisha to conferences to continue their education.

  (bullet)   Endowment Fund -- The Oklahoma City Community Foundation, a premiere investment group, administers this fund for the synagogue in order to maximize earnings. The Endowment Fund Board can spend the income in ways that it deems prudent. The principle cannot be spent. At times, the Synagogue Board requests income from this fund to help defray operating expenses.

  (bullet)   General Fund -- Contributions to this fund are usually used to pay everyday operating expenses.

  (bullet)   Israeli Scholarship Fund -- Our community enables all confirmation students to go on an Israeli Pilgrimage sponsored by a national Jewish youth group. This six-week trip is a joint venture in which the synagogue, the Jewish Federation of Greater Oklahoma City, and the students' parents each cover one third of the cost. Donations to this fund help pay the one-third portion that Emanuel awards its students.

  (bullet)   J.B. Sureck Fund -- This fund was established by Jake Sureck, of blessed memory, to further Jewish education in our synagogue. It has been used to bring lecturers, speakers, and scholars-in-residence to the synagogue.

  (bullet)   Library Fund -- Emanuel maintains a large collection of books and periodicals for members to read and check out. The Library Fund helps pay for updating the library computer, adding books and periodicals to our collection, and refurbishing the library itself.

  (bullet)   Rabbi's Discretionary Fund -- This fund enables our Rabbi to make donations to people in need, arrange for programs that he deems worthy, and contribute to other causes he wishes to support. The fund is never used for the Rabbi's personal benefit.

  (bullet)   Music Fund -- Once a month, we celebrate Shabbat with Friday Night Live, a musical Shabbat service during which Israeli students studying at Oklahoma City University lead the congregation in prayer and song. The service is often followed by a meal. This fund helps to pay for the rehearsals and any arrangements that the musicians need. The actual worship services have been underwritten by our member, Janice Singer.

  (bullet)   Shanker Outstanding Educator Fund -- At the end of each academic year, Emanuel awards an outstanding educator teaching in either the Inter Congregational Sunday School or Emanuel Hebrew School a special gift purchased with money from this fund.

  (bullet)   Shalesh S'eudot Fund -- Morning Minyan and the Minchah Ma'ariv services on Shabbat are followed by light meals for all those attending. This fund provides the money for purchasing all the provisions. The members themselves prepare the meals and clean up after them.


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