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For maps and directions to Emanuel Synagogue's buildings and cemeteries, see the Location page. The offices, educational facilities, and worship spaces are all in the main synagogue building on NW 47th Street. The official address is:

Emanuel Synagogue
900 NW 47th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Telephone:   (405) 528-2113
Fax:   (405) 528-2121

General e-mail:  

Regular office hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. When the office is closed, an answering machine provides information and takes messages.

Telephone and E-mail list
Rabbi Jacobson has her own e-mail address, but for the moment, because of some technical incompatibilities, e-mails to other individuals at the synagogue are being routed through the main office, who will then forward them appropriately. Clicking on an e-mail link below will generate a starting message addressed to the office but with the intended recipient on the Subject line.

  Financial Executive   (405) 528-2113 ext. 304  
  Executive Secretary   (405) 528-2113 ext. 301  
  Rabbi   (405) 600-0736
(405) 528-2113 ext. 302
  Kitchen   (405) 528-2113 ext. 312  
  Library   (405) 528-2113 ext. 313  
  Downstairs lounge   (405) 528-2113 ext. 314  
  Youth lounge   (405) 528-2113 ext. 315  
  Gift shop   (405) 528-2113 ext. 316  
  Synagogue President      
  Intercongregational Sunday School Director   (405) 528-2113 ext. 310  
  Sunday School Assistant   (405) 528-2113 ext. 305    
  Youth Group Director   (405) 528-2113 ext. 306  
  Men's Club      
  Cemetery Association      
  Service times   (405) 528-2113 ext. 1  
  List of options   (405) 528-2113 ext. 2  
  Hear the shofar blown   (405) 528-2113 ext. 3  


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