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  Boards and Committees
Emanuel Synagogue is governed by a Board of Directors and six officers: President, First and Second Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President. Chairmen of standing committees and a small number of presidential appointees also attend and vote at board meetings.

Officers and board members are elected by vote of the congregation. Officers serve for two years and board members for three. Elections are held every year, so board membership rotates. At the annual election meeting all synagogue members can vote, one vote per membership. Absentee ballots are also accepted. The officers are elected by the congregation after having been nominated by the Nominating Committee and accepting the nomination. Floor nominations and nominations by petition are also permitted, as per the synagogue's constitution and bylaws.

The officers and board serve without compensation. This group of dedicated men and women meet in the synagogue at 7:00 pm on the last Wednesday of each month to oversee the synagogue's operations and plan for its future.

All synagogue members may attend Board meetings. If you have an issue you'd like the Board to consider, make a request of the President in advance so the matter can be put on the agenda. For info on board meetings or help in communicating with the synagogue officers and board, contact the office staff.

Standing Committees
Much of the work of the synagogue is done by committees of volunteers. Among the synagogue's wide variety of interesting and useful committees are:

  Adult Education Committee
Bloom Fund Committee
Budget Committee
Cemetery Association
Chevrah Kaddisha
Endowment Fund Committee
High Holidays Committees
House Committee
Israel Scholarship Committee
  Library Committee
Membership Committee
Nominating Committee
Personnel Committee
Rabbi's Advisory Committee
Religious School Committee
Ritual Committee
Security Committee
Welcome Committee

If you have an interest in serving on these or any of the synagogue's other committees, your help will be enthusiastically welcomed. As usual, the way to get more info is to contact the office staff.


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